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AgriTower Rural Living Labs

AgriTower Rural Living Labs in Agriculture

We are leaders, paving the way at implementing Agri 4th industrial revolution, artificial-intelligence based tools for use in empowering farmers improve their bottom line and reduce food waste.

Extension Services

Extension Officers can access data via this portal thus generating any information for farmers, tracking their farming performance. All information is near real time. We match each farmer to a dedicated Extension Officer not exceeding 1:15.

Farm Digitization

Any Farmer may request their FARM to be digitized using our AgriTower platform before taking up subscription. The digitization outcome will provide full features of what the farmer will get from the platform.


We offer various TRIALS to FARMERS, without any charges. The TRIALS available include Soil, water, Animal track and Tracing, Nitrogen, and Phosphorus TRIALS are now currently offered.

Technology Training

Training locals to empower themselves



Infographic: Where Agriculture is Most Subsidized | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista


Team that combine all the skills needed to make the venture successful. What may be a minor mistake in a traditional business can end up jeopardizing our entire operation. Identifying essential roles and staffing them with the right people is the first step in establishing a culture of impact and inclusion. The finding and filling of those important first employee and management positions is essential for the long-term prospects of any company. Our team sources the highest caliber talent that includes the right mix of industry veterans with the top industry experience plus new talent with critical skills from leaders outside the industry.

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